WorkingTogetherYou recognize you have a problem. We are professional problem solvers. At Walker Confidential, we understand many people who contact us are not familiar with the full spectrum of informational and investigative options available to them or the nuances of competent private investigations. Therefore, we strive from the outset to clearly explain our processes, strategies and options available for a successful investigative outcome.


The partners of Walker Confidential are available for consultation on a variety of investigative inquiries. Our successful resolution/case clearance rate is substantial. We find the hidden details, or the location of the answers to the questions or concerns posed by our clients. The discovery process often opens the door to a satisfactory conflict resolution. A small percentage of the investigations we engage in proceed to trial. At Walker Confidential, we prepare each investigative product with the durability to withstand external or judicial examination. We always provide our clients with the best possible outcomes to any commissioned inquiry, with excellent work products we stand behind.

Case Considerations

Before we accept a case, each potential client seeking our professional services is asked to articulate or prepare a brief summary/overview of the events leading them to contact our agency. This information collection process enables us to determine what unforeseen issues may arise during the course of an inquiry. The overview also allows us to avoid conflicts of interest, so that each client is assured of our complete impartiality and singular focus on resolving their presented issues.


After your initial case synopsis is evaluated, an in-depth consultation is scheduled where the individual will personally meet or consult telephonically with one of the partners from our agency. The purpose of this meeting is to explore the needs of the individual, discern challenges and obstacles to achieve resolution and develop strategies for meeting our client’s goals. At the end of the consultation, the client will have an understanding of options and rights under the law. In some cases, we ask our clients to perform additional fact gathering or documentation acquisition to support the commissioned investigation. Walker Confidential will also review any documents that have been provided by the individual at this time.

Retainer Agreement

Walker Confidential will generate a retainer agreement if the client and our agency agree to proceed with the investigation or inquiry. The retainer agreement sets forth the scope of work, terms, and conditions of the relationship. The client and our agency will have a clear, shared understanding of how the investigation will proceed, the services the agency will provide and the client’s responsibilities to the agency throughout the duration of the business agreement.

Litigation Support

The partners of Walker Confidential are court qualified as Subject Matter Experts in numerous topics. If a case has already proceeded into the litigation phase, Walker Confidential is ready to unconditionally assist the client and their designated legal counsel during the entire litigation cycle. We are organized and prepared to rapidly respond to new investigative avenues and research for upcoming hearings.